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      • Home Teams
          • USA U19, Poland U19, Argentina U19, Iran U19  
          • 20.38/1
          • Bet
          • USA U19, Poland U19, Argentina U19, Iran U19, Mexico U19  
          • 105/1
          • Bet
      • Away Teams
          • Czech Republic U19, Italy U19, Russia U19, Brazil U19  
          • 2.58/1
          • Bet
          • Czech Republic U19, Italy U19, Russia U19, Brazil U19, Bahrain U19  
          • 19.63/1
          • Bet
      • Favourites
          • USA U19, Czech Republic U19, Italy U19, Russia U19  
          • 1.07/1
          • Bet
          • USA U19, Czech Republic U19, Italy U19, Russia U19, Poland U19  
          • 2.74/1
          • Bet
      • Outsiders
          • Bahrain U19, Mexico U19, Iran U19, Argentina U19  
          • 309/1
          • Bet
          • Bahrain U19, Mexico U19, Iran U19, Argentina U19, Brazil U19  
          • 588/1
          • Bet
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    Volleyball betting

    There are two forms of volleyball betting: beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. What these two volleyball variants have in common are the following fundamental rules: a team scores points by grounding the ball on the opponents' court, or when the opposing team commits a fault (error or illegal action); teams can contact the ball no more than three times before the ball crosses the net. The two biggest differences relate to the playing surface and team size. In beach volleyball, there are only 2 players per team and the game is played on a smaller, sand court.

    Volleyball was invented in the United States more than one hundred years ago. Mintonette, as the sport was originally called, firstly gained popularity in the US schools as a non-contact less violent and less intense alternative to the already very popular basketball. Whether indoor or beach version, volleyball is today a very popular sport all over the world.

    • Recommended volleyball tournaments:

      • Indoor Volleyball Olympics. Volleyball is one of the most important Summer Olympics disciplines attracting lots of punters both regular and seasonal
      • FIVB World Cup. Qualification tournament for the Olympic Games
      • FIVB World League. Longest and richest volleyball tournament organised by FIVB
      • FIVB World Grand Prix women's version of the FIVB World League
    • Volleyball Bet Types

      Pre-match betting:

      • Outright betting (long-term betting) – predict which team will win the tournament
      • Match betting – predict which team will win the match
      • Points Total, Over-Under betting – predict how many points both teams will score in total
      • Handicap betting – the underdog is given a few points, so that the chances of both teams winning the game or set are close to equal
      • Other bets, e.g. Most valuable player (MVP) of the match. Volleyball player to score most points in the game. Volleyball player to have most blocks in the game
    • Live Volleyball Betting

      • Set Betting – predict which team will win the upcoming set
      • Technical Time-Out Betting – predict which team will lead at the first technical time-out in the upcoming set.
      • Odd Even Points – predict whether the total number of points in the upcoming set will be odd or even.
      • First Point betting – which team will score the first point in an upcoming set


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