The ex England and Liverpool man talks exclusively to sportingbet about the upcoming Liverpool vs United game, the key battles and the form of Romelu Lukaku.

How big would a win be for Liverpool against Manchester United? Klopp has a good record at Liverpool against the bigger teams…

It's absolutely huge and it’s a chance to force the club back into the title race. Liverpool and Man Utd are two of the biggest clubs in the world and it’s a spectacle that the world wants to watch.

Liverpool are 7 points adrift and have Manchester United and Tottenham in their next two fixtures. Could the club potentially be out of the title race by the end of next weekend?

If Liverpool lost to Manchester United and Tottenham then they are out of the title race, but if they win those games then they're right back into the mix. They'd make a big statement if we got a result in those two games. It's a very important couple of weeks that could make or break their title hopes. There's no reason Liverpool can't beat Manchester United and Tottenham.

Liverpool hasn't beaten Man Utd in the Premier League for 3 years. Do you think the gap between the two clubs is getting bigger?

Man Utd have considerably outspent Liverpool for many years, but I don't think there's a huge gap in the quality of players that the two clubs have. I don’t think there is a gulf in class between the two sides.

Manchester United clearly have the better defence, but it's definitely not to the standard that I played against with the likes of Ferdinand and Vidic. They also have De Gea, who is outstanding and the best goalkeeper in the Premier League.

What do you think the key battles will be for this weekend?

Lukaku will be chomping at the bit to play against Liverpool's defence this weekend. We've seen his strength, his power and his quality already this season. I bet he can't wait to throw his weight around against Lovren and Matip.

Speaking on Lukaku, do you think he will win the Golden Boot this season? What more would you want from him?

Harry Kane has been performing just as well, if not better, than Lukaku. Harry Kane is scoring some phenomenal goals this season. I like watching Lukaku play, the way he bullies defenders and is always fighting to get into the box reminds me of what I looked to do with my game. He's a wonderful player.

I think Lukaku needs to improve his hold up play. It's not as neat and tidy as it possibly could be. He scores a lot of goals and that hides him from constructive criticism, but he should look to sharpen up his hold up play if he wants to become a complete centre forward. Lukaku is still so young and it's frightening to think how good he could become.

What have you made of Manchester United so far this season?

Manchester United's fixture list was kind to them. It was easier than most and it has allowed them to build up some momentum and get their confidence sky high. Liverpool have had the tougher fixtures and their results haven't been as good because of it. They haven't been able to build up that momentum the same way United have. However, you've still got to go out there and win those games, score those goals, and United have done that so you have to give them credit.

Who have you been most impressed with this season?

I think everyone has played their part, but Martial has certainly shown what he is capable of and proven what a talent he is. Martial has taken a fair amount of criticism, but he took it in his stride and shown he is one of the best young players in the world.