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Change already placed bets and get even more out of them!

Add or remove bets, change your pick and even increase your stake!

Bet now!

With the new "Edit My Bet" feature you'll never need to worry if your bet doesn't look like it's going the way you want. Now you have complete control and can make the most of your bet by subsequently:

  • adding or removing bets from a concluded bet slip;
  • removing your selection and backing the other team/the other player;
  • increasing your stake if things are looking good for you.


1. Select your desired betting odds and tap to add them to your bet slip.
2. Select your stake amount and tap on the "PLACE BET" button to conclude your bet.
3. Open the "My bets" page by tapping the menu on the left and selecting the menu option "My bets". Then tap the "Edit My Bet" option to subsequently edit your bet.
4. You will then have the following possibilities to edit your bet:

You can add extra picks by tapping on "ADD PICKS" or remove them by tapping on the "X" symbol.

You can also change the selection for each of your picks, e.g. if you would prefer to back the other team. To do that, simply tap on the arrows.

To increase the stake for your bet, tap on "ADD STAKE". Then enter the amount by which you want to increase your stake and then tap on "OK".

5. Once you are happy with your selection, tap "CONFIRM BETTING CHANGES" to accept your new selection.

You can find further information on "Edit My Bet" in our FAQs and on our help pages.